React curriculum keeps freezing and crashing

Front End Development Libraries React curriculum …

AddBlock is OFF…
is it just me or some one else have problems ? it keeps crashing and i cant continue .

Can you share a link to the challenge you’re seeing the problem with and the code that causes it to crash? It would also help if you could describe the problem you are seeing in more detail. When does it “freeze”? When does it “crash”? What are the symptoms you see of the “crash”? What browser are you using?

on the 10th use react to render nested components… i had to close the tab and open it back again same thing it froze … dont know if its because it has trouble loading

Can you share a link and the code you are using?

i used the code in hints… the solution code for this chalange

I really don’t understand why people have an aversion to providing the code they are using…

Anyways, it is working fine for me…

Ok. I’m not seeing any problems when I just load the page and wait, or if I copy the whole solution from the “hints”. If you’re manually transcribing the solution (which makes sense - if you’re going to copy, then copy by hand) it’s possible that either an intermediate step or a typo you’re making is causing some sort of call stack error, so it would be really helpful to know exactly what the code is in your editor when the “freeze” is happening.

Some other things I need you to check for me:

  • What browser are you using?
  • What is your browser version?
  • Do you have any browser extensions?
  • Do you use any additional security tools, such as a VPN or script blocker?

It may sound silly, but can you please describe what you mean by “it froze”? That’s a somewhat generic term that could describe a few different problems.

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Chrome 99.0.4844.84 no plugins no vpn or addblockers… i had problems when i opend the 10th use react to render nested components … by that i mean i finished th 9th chalange hit CTRL + enter … the tab crashed

I’m not able to reproduce any errors. When you go to the challenge in question, does it load correctly now? It’s possible that your browser had trouble connecting to the server at that moment and timed out.

In both Chrome and Firefox I haven’t been able to cause any errors in the following ways:

  • Loading the challenge from a link and waiting.
  • Entering in the solution and waiting.
  • Entering in the solution and running the tests.
  • Going to the previous challenge, entering the solution, running the tests, and going to the next challenge.

probably its my computer … explains why it cant be reproduced

If you’re still having problems, I suggest clearing your browser’s local storage and doing a hard refresh. This will require you to login to freeCodeCamp again, but will also clear any corrupted values. If you have multiple browsers installed on your computer, you can also try using your alternate browser to determine if some setting or extension on Chrome is causing an error.

Let us know if you keep having problems and we’ll try to help you find the root cause.

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