React, Firebase, and Legacy Project

Is it possible to link a external html page with a react app, for instance, if I have a legacy project which is simply html css and js and I don’t want to rewrite the entire code in react can I use a anchor tag within my react code that links to that html file? Also I’m using firebase so I want to host both of these projects on one domain.

You can link your legacy projects with a react page but that doesn’t make your app a react app.

The desired way is not advocated.

With that way of doing things, you can’t show recruiters that you made an app in React.

Knowing that you already worked on the legacy project and understand the ins and outs, it will be better to rewrite it in React if there is a need for it. Else, no need to even link your react app just because it is React.

Always ask yourself why am I using React and why was it created for?

I hope that it helps.

I’d just setup the legacy project as another html page and throw it into the built pages you have for your React app. This way you upload multiple html files to firebase hosting, and just provide a link from your React app to your legacy app, and it should route you to another page.

This will mean the user will leave the React app, but that shouldn’t be a problem :smiley: