Help with react app

I have just built my first react portfolio website. In my portfolio section I linked some code pens as projects but i am lost how to link separate react apps i have built on my computer. Do i have to host them like i did in AWS for my website and link to them or is there a easier and cheaper way? Sorry I’m really new and self thought i couldnt find a clear answer online. Findgirvin is my website.they onto let me link to it as a new forum member

You can’t link your separate react projects from your local react project. React apps run on servers, when you boot up a react app, a local server (usually at port 3000) starts running and serves your react app. Since your react apps are not running on servers if they are in separete directories in your local machine, the best way is to have webservers host them and you can link public urls from your project once they are up.

There are few options to accomplish this.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Thanks so much that is what I thought I’d have to do. Ok guess I’ll have to host a bunch of apps lol