How to share a react app after finishing it

When writing pure html and css, you can share your work by just sharing the .html and .css files but how about React, can someone explain please :slight_smile:

You can use Heroku, it is a site where you can host websites for free. They give you a public url that you can send to friends, family, etc. Attached below is an article on how to host a React project.

Other than this the only way is to make sure whoever you are sharing the project with has npm and node.js installed on their local machine.

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I use Netlify to host my React projects.

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Iโ€™m gonna second on Netlify. It is so easy to setup and has continuous deployment.

After you are done creating your react app, run the command npm run build in within your app directory, a build folder is gonna be created, and it contains all the files needed for the page to render, there gonna be a file called โ€œindex.htmlโ€ which you open in the browser in order to view your app.