React Game Of Life Performance Issues

Hey fellow campers. I am currently in the middle of the game of life project and I am having issues getting my medium and large scale grids to run at the speed that I would like. Live Demo:
Git Repo:

Has anyone else experienced similar issues with this challenge and if so how did you get around them? Note: I am aware that my project is not yet fully functioning, I am still working on it, just figured it would be helpful to get some opinions on how to optimize performance!

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You and me both!

I don’t have an answer to improve performance by doing this the React Way, but it’s easy to get scalable performance if we cheat - edit classes directly instead of mutating state. This is what the example project does, and while I think it’s the best solution overall, it’s a really silly thing to do for a React project. I mean, at that point, it’s easier to write this app without React. In the end, I simply resigned myself to poor performance.