React: How can I display comments using Hacker News API

In my Story.js component I am able to navigate to Comments.js and pass in the storyID in the url as shown below

export default function Story ({storyID}) {

const [story, setStory] = useState({});

 useEffect(()=> {
    getStoryTitle(storyID).then(data => data && data.url && setStory(data));

 const kids = ? [];
 const author =;
    return (
      <div className="story-wrapper">
         <a className="a-tag" href={story.url}>
           <p className="story-title">{story.title}</p>
         <p className="story-author"><strong>By: {}</strong> on {timeFormat(story.time)}</p>
         <p className="story-comments"><Link to={`/comments/${storyID}`}>{kids.length}</Link> Comments</p>

My next step is just to be able to use that storyID to display the comments in the Comments.js component. But I am just a little tripped up on how exactly to pass in the storyID. My Comments.js code is set up like so

import React, {useState, useEffect} from 'react'
import {getStoryTitle} from '../API.js'
export default function Comments({storyID}) {
    const [comment, setComment] = useState({});

    const kids = ? [];
    useEffect(()=> {
        getStoryTitle(storyID).then(data => && setComment(data))
    }, [])

    return (