Hacker News Redesign with React

In an effort to learn react , here is a react powered Hacker News clone from complete scratch using the official HN api .

I used react hooks in this project instead of class components plus i did not use any state management library like redux .I would like some review on this web application as I am quite new to react and its environment .

Leave a star :star2: if you like it. :blush:

[Note: this web app is not completely responsive for mobile devices , I focused more on learning react itself in the process of making , so did not pay much attention to responsiveness, Plus I could not seem to find a way to make tables row responsive, When it does become responsive it becomes too small in mobile devices which can be hard to read ]

Nice work! It’s a little slow on my connection. Do you know any way to speed up the site?

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that’s the exact concern i had during deployment. I think i will do some research on that later. If you have any suggestion on that then i would love to hear it .