React js go to slide with dropdown slick slider?

How can i make a dropdown that when clicked on any option it will go to the slide
that is appropriate to the option. using the slick slider.

Hi @oguzhanefe32

It is difficult to tell exactly what you need help with unless you add more description. Is there an example of what you want to build on another website? What have you done so far? Have you attempted to google it?

i did googled it but there was nothing about it
i have an example:

if you go through the link there will be a dropdown so you can choose color when you change it the slider image changes its exactly what i want

Well I have looked at the site and I have an idea of what you want to do. I would recommend you inspect their code in developer tools and write some code before asking for help. You can deploy it on an online playground.

hey @oguzhanefe32

this is how you would select image from options.

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You saved me again. thanks a lot.

but do you know how can ı make that with slick slider there is a function called go to slide i read the documents but i didnt really understand it.

just have the slide run from the same data as car state and then have the current image on the slide the carImage state