React Js important

what is the important of react js except components because all other features done with jquery and what we are don’t done with jquery and then need of reactjs

jQuery is a library for DOM manipulations, most of which became a standard and natively present in the browser and therefore many people stopped using jQuery once for all. Unlike React jQuery was never designed with the goal of (a) templating (read answer above) and (b) substituting DOM elements to the point that to look like navigation, when big chunk of the tree gets rerenderred - jQuery was never optimized for that (which is polite way to say it’s super slow in doing it).

What jQuery was designed for is to act in the scope of a single page - “select this and hide”, “select that and toggle class” etc…


so can i need to learn all react js and again Learn method with different language like increment on button click etc.

a framework is necessary if you want to reach the level in which you can do interactive pages like Facebook, Netflix, Twitter, a forum like this, etc

React is the one taught by freecodecamp, but there are also Angular, and Vue

I’d also like to add that jQuery isn’t tree-shakable this is why if you use jQuery you’ll have to load the whole library even though you won’t be using the whole library (in the majority of the cases this is true).

Modern libraries are tree-shakable. Meaning it’ll only load the codes that is needed. Meaning if you use something like React (which is an UI library) you won’t be loading the whole library rather the parts you’ve referenced in your code.

React is modular, functional and reactive (hence the name) while also taking care of avoiding touching the DOM as much as possible (for performance’s sake).

You may not notice the difference between the two on a simple increment counter app (or even a todo list) but try working on huge projects that take months and a team to build using only jquery and you’ll see how difficult it becomes unless you implement some design patterns yourself (from scratch) such as the Observer pattern (for re-rendering).

Also, React can be used for hybrid mobile dev using React Native.