React and Jquery?

Is Jquery needed if you know React? if not why is it still a part of the fCC curriculum?

It’s a different library with a different purpose. FCC covers a series of different libraries, not just React.

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To answer your question. React can do what jquery does by doing it better. If jquery has tools/methods react does not have, 100% there is a library you can import to do the task you need (or write your own functionality, vanilla javascript on the browser in amazing)

React uses fiber or virtual dom (depending on the version ) which is way more performant than jquery’s way of direct dom manipulation.

I will add some links for you to check out in order to make sense of what I said above.

The DOM:

Virtual dom:

React fiber:

In my professional life, I have removed/refactored jquery code out of React from 4-5 years old apps.

Hope this helps.

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