React Native vs Flutter vs Native Code?

I have researched which platform should I use to create my mobile version of my MERN App.

I was going to use React Native without a doubt. However, I’d met a lot of developers who favor Flutter even at this very early stage of time.

I know that I need to learn Dart and at a glance, it kinda looks like Android Java.

However, if you are building a fresh app right now, what it would be? And if you build it in 3-4 years later, would you still go for your choice?

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React native is still a solid platform to develop mobile apps and it will not go away any time soon.

Flutter has some advantages but that does not mean that suddenly react native is outdated.

I’d at least make a demo app with both languages and see which framework you’d like to work with. Maybe you’d hate flutter. Or maybe you’d love it.

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I’ve been using RN because of React Web App. Most people still with RN, however, I was surprised to hear them saying that they love Flutter. However, it is still at early stages. Wondering how ppl think about it here.

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