Cross Platform Mobile App development. React native vs Flutter


I want to develop a Mobile App for different type of exercise.
Like Best exercise for Chest, Abs etc.
I also want to compress the video so that user can see it without any loading problems. How should i achieve that.

Should i try this using flutter or React.js.

With your current questions, we don’t have enough context to know what you already know or don’t know, so it is impossible to guide you.

Specifically with respect to what you’re asking, you can use either React Native or Flutter (or for that matter Android via Java or Kotlin, or iOS via ObjC or Swift, or Xamarin, or Nativescript, or a PWA, etc etc etc). We do not know what you know.

I want to build a Fitness and Nutrition app.

  1. User will login via google or email
  2. User will add all the basic information like height, weight and etc and basic profile detail.
  3. User can choose different workout type from the menu, like full body workout , abs workout, etc
    3.1 After choosing type workout, exercise will start with 30 to 45 sec rest between each.
    3.2 Now i also want to a video of exercise (2d or 3d) or real man doing it. I want the size of the
    video to be as low as possible without lowering the video quality.
  4. Now user can track his performance too on daily basis

Now i have never made an App before i just know JS . I am confused between react native and flutter.

What is your take on it. Which platform should i choose to develop. What are advantages and disadvantage of each.


If you only know JavaScript, React Native uses JavaScript. Flutter does not. So it will possibly be easier to use RN. Alternatively it might be easier to come to something completely fresh, which would be the case with Dart.

You’re picking two pretty similar things. Flutter is much newer so there’s a much bigger community for RN. Both the frameworks are pre- version 1 and have rough points.

What it actually does is not super relevant, any framework will allow you to do the things you want

You’re trying to get someone to tell you which you should use out of two fairly similar things. Imo follow a tutorial for each and see which one makes most sense.

Thanks Dan Couper. Means a lot to me