React Project - Corona Tracker

Corona Tracker
In this project, i have created a COVID-19 Tracker/Stats Application.I used React with the addition of Charts.js, Material UI, and many different modules.
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Corona Virus is, unfortunately, spreading through the entire world. What can we, as developers, do to make the situation better? We can help to spread awareness by visualizing the data. The data is fetched from the API and we’ll create cards displaying the statistics as well as Charts. This project/application is created using the most modern JavaScript syntax. Along the way, you’ll learn how to use Material UI, Charts.js, React Hooks, API data fetching, all of it in React JS!

The project is going to fetch the live data from the API using Async/Await syntax. In this video, we also use React Hooks! By the end of this video, you will have a strong understanding of React’s workflow; including data fetching, hooks, folder structure, and more.
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Wow! It looks very clean. I especially liked how the numbers count up.

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