React projects for backend

I need to complete my react projects for the backend certification. Cloud9 is asking for my credit card information. Is there another way to do the react projects for the fcc backend certification? Can I do it on glitch? Thank you
Ahammadunny Pathiaseril

Yes, you can use Glitch, or develop locally and deploy to Heroku.

IMHO always develop locally, then deploy. I used glitch (import from github) for some but couldn’t get the later ones to work - probably my lack of experience. I tried deploying to heroku for one of them and never looked back. I use create-react-app and the instructions for heroku worked first (or maybe second :slight_smile: time, strongly recommend it. Simply put this:

    "heroku-postbuild": "cd client/ && npm install && npm install --only=dev --no-shrinkwrap && npm run build",

in your package json scripts section. Then after creating app on heroku simply git push heroku master - couldn’t be easier. You’ll find all this in the instructions btw. good luck!

edit: I followed this to add backend api working with create-react-app

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