React Quiz app. Nedd little hint

Hi everyone!
I am creating a React Quizz app. I have a question and 4 answer options.
I need to collect selected answers and as a last step to send that via email.
I need also user email.
How can I implement this functionality with React?
Thanks in advance!

Hi everyone.
I am creating React Quizz app. 4 questions with 4 answer options and a form with input field where I need to collect a user info (name or email or phone). I need to send selected answers and user info to my email.
Please can somebody help me?
I ve never used with any kind of backend…
I think I need to meke use of Firebase but can’t figure it out how to do that.

First of all to save the user details( name, email,phone and selected answers) in react state.
After user submits the form trigger an API call with user details object as payload.
To create an API: You can create a simple Node express server with an API end point and using nodemailer trigger the mail to yourself with user data.
Install the Firebase module in react app, and from there call a serverless function where you cna use trigger email extension provided by firebase to trigger email.