React Quote Machine - Project Feedback

Here is my take on the Quote Machine project.
I used some CSS @keyframes for the color change animations and the project was started using create-react-app so it uses React.
I just put the quotes and the color CSS classes in one big quotes array in the state as an array of objects. Felt sorta lazy on the React side but it gets the job done. :smiley:
Any feedback? Here is the link:
Quote Machine
Link to code on GitHub:
Quote Machine GitHub

The big array of quotes could have been declared in the global scope and would have accomplished the same functionality. Not sure what you mean by lazy on the React side.

Thanks for your comment. Is there a reason to not put quotes in the state? You are right they could have gone in the global scope of App.js instead.

When I say “lazy on the React side” I guess I am just wondering how others approached this project if they used React. My approach made sense to me, so maybe I shouldn’t double-guess my choices. I don’t want to over-engineer something when it’s not needed.

Honestly, using React for something as simple as a quote machine IS over-engineered, but for learning and demonstration purposes it is fine.

Would you mind editing your original post to also include a link to your github code, so we can review it easier?

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