React/Redux and UML

Hello everyone,

in school I’m learning UML. It is for visualizing the design of a system and avoid errors.

Now I tryed to use it for React and the RecipeBox-Project. I did a Class Diagram and got my first problems:

  • instead of attributes I userd props

  • It is difficult to show reusability of containers/components like the Form, because the Form can stand alone and can be used as the RecipeBody

  • I don’t know how to show what the state saves

Is it a bad idea to use UML for React/Redux?
I finished this project in pure React and it was easier to program than with redux… In this project I don’t see the benefits of using Redux.

Best Regards

Most React components should be stateless functions that simply take props and return JSX, and Redux doesn’t leave much room for designing an API. Shoehorning UML into the process seems counter productive to me.

Cause most of our Components are statless?

Is there another way in software engeering to design React/Redux Apps?

I’m not sure what you mean. Redux doesn’t leave much room for designing an API because all you really do is write a few functions and Redux takes care of the rest. Most React components are stateless, which means it’d be silly to write out a UML diagram for them.

I mean because most of the Components are just functions and no objects or classes
Thanks for your answer :slight_smile: