React + Redux Calculator Feedback (Plus a little bit of help)

Hi freeCodeCamp community,

Finally ‘finished’ my js calculator, decided to build it with react and redux. Really hit a real coding barrier trying to wrap my head around redux for some reason.

Firstly, would love some feedback on the project. Try to break it and be as critical as possible. Would like to use this as a portfolio project so constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.

Secondly, there’s a couple of bugs that I know of and am struggling to fix. One, the font I installed using font-face isn’t working any idea why? Two, i added some code so that when an operator is pressed twice the most recent one will override. It works in the sense that the output is correct but the display doesn’t update the operator and I can’t work out why. The console logs make me expect something is asynchronous that I’m not aware of when working with the redux state.

Thirdly, I want to port this over to codepen but i’m getting all sorts of errors even though i have babel and all the dependencies added in codepen. Anyone know the solution?

Thanks in advance, really appreciate it. Happy coding :smile:

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