React return function. Can somebody explain to me why we have e here? What is that used for?

export const Registrationfaster = (InitialValues) =>{

    const [values,setValues] = useState(InitialValues)
return[ values, d=>{

````Preformatted text`

import React,{useEffect} from "react";
import {Registrationfaster} from "./Registrationfaster";

const Registration = () =>{
 const [values,handleChange] = Registrationfaster({email:"",password:""});
 return (
         <input name ="email" value={} onChange ={handleChange}/>
         <input name ="password" value ={values.password} onChange={handleChange}/>

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Thank you so much for your reminder

Nanhtuan, it is still unclear what code you are actually trying to work with.

Please spend some time correctly formatting the code so that it appears as it would be used.