Reasons of decreasing Domain Authority?

Have you noticed this December many website has bad luck as google decreased their Domain and Page Authority which directly indicates that ranking will down for sure, even big giants like Weebly affected with this update because a few days back Weebly DA was 96 but now it has DA 95 even our website was ranking great with DA46 but unfortunately now its down to 40. anyone Tips?

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The “rug gets shaken” (so to speak) a few times a year as Google alters it’s algorithm trying to bury “spammy” websites. So long as your site stays compliant with their guidelines and you are not doing anything they deem to be “spammy”, you should be fine (but hiccups do happen).

All the more reason to diversify your traffic sources! Really sucks when you rely 100% on traffic from Google and they do an update that kills all your traffic, and subsequently your business! I quit relying on Google traffic a number of years ago after a few of my sites were buried in the SERPs.

There are many reasons, content could of changed, Google sees shady practices, though if you have the luxury of a 95 domain authority score you probably have little to worry about if you’ve been that successful. The best thing you can do to increase your Google ranking isn’t trying to “generate” backlinks, it’s not buy lots of advertising, but to create quality content that people will want to share (without you asking them to).