Recruiter emailed me regarding jobs but I'm not qualified?

This is my first post on here, although I have been active on this site for a little over a month now. Recently, I have been applying for nonprofit work and some analytical jobs to gain some technical experience while being on FCC. A recruiter from a company I applied to for another position and turned down, was interested in talking to me about there Jr Dev/Software engineer roles. Sounds great right but, I'm under qualified for any of these positions. I did basic front end stuff in my past few jobs but I'm still a beginner. How do I respond to this recruiter? I do think it would be great to network them so I have options when I have more experience.

That happens a lot in this field. Recruiters just spam based on resume keywords. I usually ignore them, but if you want you can say something like “Thank your for reaching out to me. I’m not looking for a role like this right now, but I’d like to talk to you if that changes. What is the best way to contact you?”

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I knew there had to be a reason for this. I will do that. Thanks.