I think I screwed up the interview

A recruiter contacted me and asking me a bunch of questions. My English got a little messed up when I was explaining one of my recent project. I dont know if that turns the recruiter off but before she asked me questions I explained to her that English isnt my first language and she said it is fine. After that she told me she’s going to give me call once I completed the courses that I’m taking. I’m like wtf. Btw i didnt apply for the job this recruiter keeps mesaging me in linkedin that she wants to talk to me about their opening postion for a mern stack developer.

Don’t sweat it too much.

LinkedIn recruiters are notorious for spamming users that have even a whiff of web dev potential in their LinkedIn profile.

When you are feeling ready to start reaching out to employers and organising interviews yourself, that is the time to start worrying about whether you’re interviewing well :slight_smile:


There are TONS of recruiters and some of them don’t even know a thing about web development. Don’t worry about it - there are better ones out there and surely one of them will be a bit more helpful than this one. :slight_smile:

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thank you so much. I guess I’m just stressing over a little things.

thanks so you much :smiley:

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Recruiters are rude people who are only looking out for themselves. Don’t worry about it.


Like the others have said. Use them as practice for the real thing: ie the managers at the company itself.