Regarding Project submissions for Certification path(s)

Questions I have regarding the project submissions for the certification paths here (apologies if this is redundant):

At what point are the projects reviewed prior to receiving the certification?

If, after initially submitting a project but prior to the aforementioned review, I decide to make updates/changes to the project, is it recommended to:

A) overwrite existing code to preserve the already submitted link

B) submit a new link by returning to the project-related task and providing the new link via the “I’ve completed this challenge…” button


Thanks for any insight; again, apologies if this is redundant (on cursory review I didn’t see this question elsewhere in the forum).

Your projects aren’t reviewed until you get to the non-profit work. Submitting a new link for your project overwrites the old, so you can re-submit as many times as you need to, but changing your code wouldn’t be a problem (I assume).


Ok cool, that’s pretty much what I suspected but wanted to be sure. Danke schön!