Regex challenge: restrict possible usernames

Its possible that this Regex lesson becomes a roadblock by being placed in the middle of the module instead of as the last challenge for this module.

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if you want to return to it later just go to the list of challenges and chose the next one

If you have a question about a specific challenge as it relates to your written code for that challenge, just click the Ask for Help button located on the challenge. It will create a new topic with all code you have written and include a link to the challenge also. You will still be able to ask any questions in the post before submitting it to the forum.

Thank you.

That’s true of any challenge. As @ilenia pointed out, you can always skip a challenge if you want.

sure thing no worries…

A lot of the solutions I see use content that comes after this challenge, but I got to a solution (I think) using only previously covered material:

It is great that you solved the challenge, but instead of posting your full working solution, it is best to stay focused on answering the original poster’s question(s) and help guide them with hints and suggestions to solve their own issues with the challenge. In this case it has been 7 months since the question was asked, so they are probably not looking for help now.

We are trying to cut back on the number of spoiler solutions found on the forum and instead focus on helping other campers with their questions and definitely not posting full working solutions.

Thank you for understanding.