Regex: Find One or More Criminals in a Hunt

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So I am using a separate ide for js to work through the problems and the only way I was able to solve this particular problem with my ide was to manually assign a string value to some variable s before matching it with my regex and finally taking the first index of the result. For example:

let text = “P1P5P4CCCP2P6P3”;

let myRegex = /C+/;

let result = text.match(myRegex);


However on FCC, it wants me to solve it in just 1 line of code which I think is impossible…

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let myRegex = /C+/;

let reCriminals = /./; // Change this line

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Challenge: Find One or More Criminals in a Hunt

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I assume you didn’t try that code in the challenge, right? The tests are already setup for you, so the challenge asks you for only the regex. If you put that in the FCC editor, you should pass the tests :slight_smile:.

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