Registration Form (HTML5-CSS) - Can't figure out why it's wrong. Please help!

It will not pass the link element for some reason…It says it needs to be a self closing element…but it is? Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Hey @holderbc welcome!

It would be super helpful if you would post a link to what problem you are on, and what code you have already tried :slight_smile:

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Sorry @xoxoKaralee I attached a screenshot to my original post. Couldn’t figure out how to link it LOL

ohhh this one. i remember grumbling about this one.

you have to do a self closing tag /> . It’s kinda dumb but here is some more info about self closing link tags


So I was just missing a closing ‘/’ ?! Of course haha thank you so much!

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You actually don’t need the slash to make it “self closing”. There is an issue that has been opened.

To be clear, HTML elements for the most part require and opening HTML tag and a closing HTML tag like the following
<p>element with an opening and closing tag</p>
where <p> is the opening tag and </p> is the closing tag.

There are some HTML elements that do not require a closing tag as they are self-closing. Such as the img tag
<img id="image" src="url to your image" alt="text describing image">

or the link tag

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

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Thanks for that info @Roma !!

In my particular case, it needed the /> closing tag to pass and I had to move the title element above the head to pass as well. I’m not sure if the link element problem was because I’m working on the Responsive Web Design (BETA) Certification or not?

when using framework such as React. you need a closing tag or to be self closing.

I think doing this is a good practice as well?

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I had that same issue so this helped me out. Thanks

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