Regular Expression Debugging Tools

Two regular expression tools that have similar features for those programmers who deal with regular expressions regularly :slight_smile:

Another awesome regular expression resource I found was I haven’t gone through it all but I’ve found it quite extensive for regular expression information.


I’d like to second @erictleung 's recommendation of Regex 101 as a good tool for debugging your Regular Expressions. Its helped me find several sticky bugs.

Another one that is very good, with concise help as tooltips is . I’ve used regex 101 before too. And maybe the regex tool I’d pay for is

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Thanks for the great resources!!

I haven`t worked with them much so far, apart from algorithms, but I found this helpful Here is the movie when the author is using it explaining regex

I like regexr and even SublimeText has a regex engine when you do a search or a serach&replace.

I really like - it’s wonderful and has completely removed my fear of regex!

Oops, just saw @erictleung’s regex101 suggestion…which looks better. Protip: read posts before commenting :blush: