Relational Databases: Number Guessing Game

Having the same issue trying to validate my code.

Today is my 3rd day trying to refactor the code upside down and no luck until now.

The worse part is that sometimes one of the tests pass and sometimes they wont.

Tests failing: from 8 to 13 and sometimes one or two in between pass.

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I have moved your question to its own topic as it’s best to create a new topic if you have an issue, rather than posting on another topic.

There are issues with the tests failing sometimes when they shouldn’t do, so your code may be correct. If so, I can help you with workarounds to get the tests to pass.

Could you share your sh file here please?
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Hey @igorgetmeabrain, thanks for your reply.

Created a dedicated post: Number Guessing Game - Build a Number Guessing Game

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