Remove background color on text

Please how can i remove the background color that is showing on the text. Please help.

Hey! Are you meaning for the text on the “About Me” section? That is the only area I could see you might be referring to. This is the CSS that is controlling the background color:

.card-body {
  background-color: #d2d2d2;

So simply remove that background-color value and it should fix your problem.

Overall - good looking website!

Guessing OP means the text in the title img. There are a few CSS tricks for manipulating images, but by far the easiest way to fix it is by editing it in the program it was made in (Photoshop, GIMP, MS Paint, etc.) You can use color picker tools to make sure the background remains the same.

If you are referring to the background color behind the following image, then I recommend editing the image to have a transparent background.

Whoah, simul-post. Actually, @RandellDawson’s suggestion of a transparent background is better than mine, because a transparent background will mean you don’t have to worry about changing the image if you later decide to change the background color.

Another suggestion is to not use the image and just find a similar font and change the text color for each word using CSS.

Can’t seem to place the network text on the image and also make the i mage transparent

Take a look at the following link for how to position text over an image. Basically, you need a div which acts as a container which will have a position of relative. Then, you have the image. Then you have another div/element which contains the text you want to position over the image and give it a position of absolute and then the applicable positioning (i.e top, left, bottom, right).

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Am unable to move the “Social Network” text to the center of the image.

Thanks, RandellDawson. I have visited the links and it worked fine. You are just awesome!!