Repeats previous lines of code if I click space or enter

I really need some help. I’m doing the first HTML and CSS courses and many times if I click space or enter then a few previous lines of code just copy and paste in the place that I just wanted a space. I’ve actually stopped coding because this problem was just unbearable now I’ve come back but the bug or whatever it is is still there. Thanks in advance.

what device are you using?
if you are you on mobile/touch device your keyboard may not be compatible

if that the case read this

otherwise please expand on your issue with the description of your device

No i’m using a PC it has a few custom pieces so i;m not sure what you’d want to know but it runs very well in general and can play all the latest video games and programs.

what kind of operative system and browser you use would be a good start

you may also want to try to switch off browser extensions