will not load

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I clicked the link to open the project( A new window opens and starts loading the project then it gets stuck.

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def add_time(start, duration, *args):
  if not args == ():
    args ="oh no" 
  # print(args)
  new_time= 0
  week={1:"Sunday",2:"Monday",3:"Tuesday", 4:"Wednesday", 5:"Thursday",    6:"Friday", 7:"Saturday",8:"Sunday",9:"Monday",10:"Tuesday", 11:"Wednesday", 12:"Thursday", 13:"Friday", 14:"Saturday",15:"Sunday",16:"Monday",17:"Tuesday", 18:"Wednesday", 19:"Thursday", 20:"Friday", 21:"Saturday"}

  for items in week:
    if week[items].lower()== args:
      first = items
     first = 0


  initial_time = start.split(":")
  dur_frac = duration.split(":") 
  meridian =start[start.find("M")-1:]
  increment_mns = (int(dur_frac[0])*60)+int(dur_frac[1])
  if meridian == "PM":
    starts = (int(initial_time[0])+12)*60 +int(initial_time[1][:2])
  starts= int(initial_time[0])*60 + int(initial_time[1][:2])

  ftime_hrs= (((starts+increment_mns)/60))
  ftime_mns= (((starts+increment_mns)%60))

  #print(("total time in hrs"),(ftime_hrs))
  #print("minutes on final time",(ftime_mns))
  if ftime_hrs > 24:
    fin_add= int(ftime_hrs)- int(ftime_hrs/24)*24 
    days = int(ftime_hrs/24)
    fin_add= int(ftime_hrs)
    days = 0 
  if days == 0:
      forcast = ""
  elif days == 1:
    forcast = " (next day)"
  elif days >1:
    forcast = " ("+str(days)+" days later)"

  if args=="oh no":
    cal = ""
    cal = ", " +str(week[first+days])

  first= first + days

  #print("fin_add~~",fin_add, fin_add/12)
  if fin_add >= 12 and fin_add < 24:
    merid ="PM"
  elif (fin_add > -1 and fin_add <12) or fin_add ==24 :
    merid ="AM"

  if fin_add == 0:
    fin_add = 12

  if fin_add > 12 :
    #print("End tim_e",fin_add-12, ftime_mns )
    hour= fin_add-12
  elif fin_add > -1 and fin_add < 13:
    # print("End times_6546",fin_add, ftime_mns) 
    hour = fin_add

  if ftime_mns <10:
    mins= "0" +str(ftime_mns )
    mins = str(ftime_mns)
    new_time =str(hour)+ ":"+ mins +" "+ merid +cal + forcast 

  return new_time

  add_time("6:30 PM", "205:12", "monDay") 

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Challenge: Time Calculator

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Welcome, Ragga.

Is this the first time you have opened a project in Is this the first time this is happening? Does it just occur with this project?

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Hello Shaun,

I’ve been using the for a while now without any issues. I was able to complete the first python project(arithmetic formatter ) with no issues. The time Calculator ran fine initially but then it would not load all of a sudden. I’ll try a different browser to see if that helps.


Sure, a different browser might help. However, a few hours later, yesterday, I found out was down (in one way or another). So, that could have been the main problem.

Hello Shaun,

Switching browsers had the same issue, but I was able to resolve the issue by clearing the cache. Thanks for your help.