Replit code not running with Arithmetic Arranger

I imported the starter code from github and my code only runs tests when I type in pytest into the console, whenever I click the run button I get a modulenotfound error for pytest even though I’ve searched the web on how to install it onto replit. There’s also no packager icon on the left side either. How do I get pytest onto replit so the run button works?

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Looks like something changed recently in the replit dependency handling.

In the replit.nix file (it’s hidden, you will need to click three dots at the right of the Files tab and click Show hidden files) add pkgs.python38Packages.pytest under the deps, it should look something like:

  deps = [

here is my code

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Have you tried editing replit.nix file as described above?

this is what i got

Line with module needs to be added into the deps that are defined on line 2.

hey!!!.,thanks it worked :facepunch: :facepunch: :facepunch: :facepunch:

Thank you so much. It worked!

This solution did not work for me. Any other suggestions??

@molly_tov88 please create new thread, it will be more convenient for all involved parties. Include in the post which project is causing troubles, what exactly is the issue (error), etc.

It was the .replit file for me. Extra sentiment was added when importing from github. after comparing the files, I deleted everything and pasted the lines below into the .replit file :slight_smile:

language = "python3"
run = "python"

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