Scientific Computing with Python Projects - Arithmetic Formatter

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Hi, as of today i’m having issues with the ‘No module named pytest’ error. The two solutions i saw here didn’t work (updating replit.nix deps) and updating .replit [nix] channel ( it already was on stable21-11). Is there any other cause for this issue? I searched lots of posts and all the solutions that i found were these.

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Challenge: Scientific Computing with Python Projects - Arithmetic Formatter

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perhaps you can just use the environment provided by FCC (The online one?)
Edit: this one I mean

But i am using it, the problem happens exactly on the website

that is unexpected. I just tried it again and it is definitely running well.
At what point do you see this issue? (when you click Run?)
Have you made any modifications to the code?

Could you link to your replit?

Thanks for trying to help, but i managed to solve it alone, and proceed with the exercise.