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I signed up with GitHub, and whenever I clicks GitHub sign in it says: ‘Authentication failed, please try again’. So I signed up for another account via Google, and it also tells me ‘Authentication failed, please try again’; so I tried signing up via plain emails, yet it grew me into a sign in loop—when I try to access something, it tells me to sign in again.

Does anyone know what is going on?

Welcome there,

Their status page says everything is up-and-running:

However, I have reported 2 bugs, within the last 2 days. So, we will see if there is something related there.

For now, I suggest you clone the GitHub repo, and use another service such as CodeSandbox or Glitch. If you find an issue creating an account there, then it is likely an issue with your GitHub account.

Hope this helps

will try that later, thank you so much!

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