Replit help - save and console

Hello, i’m doing the pithon course and i started the arithmetic_arranger project in regit.

As i’m new in this, i have two questions:

how can i save the project there, and how can i print to the console…

i think it just wants the problem solved with the data it gives to you, but when i print hello or something, nothing happens in the console… It would be much easy if i can follow my progress.


In Python, functions need to be called in order for their code to execute and produce output.
for examle:

# Define a function that performs some task
def my_function():
    result = "Hello, World!"
    return result

# Call the function and store its result
output = my_function()

# Print the result to the console

It should save automatically.

Can you please link to your replit? It should print output to the console when you run it. There could be a configuration problem.

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