Replit is so slow

I’ve been working on Exercise tracker in Back End Development and API Certification course. I made a new project via replit.

Replit was running smoothly last week, but it keeps throwing errors where I passed last week and getting slower then doesn’t respond when I click ‘play’.

Am I only one who’s struggling with replits?
It’s been 3 days and it’s frustrating to keep going.

I haven’t noticed it being any slower than normal.

Unless there’s an outage, the only time I’ve had speed problems is while loading large projects (like a ruby on rails project, loading the X window server, etc.) or if I’ve made a mistake in the project like an action that doesn’t ever resolve or a typo in a package.json or such. Post a link to the code and let others fork it to see if it works for them.

Thanks, my replit link is

"boilerplate-project-exercisetracker - Replit

No obvious problems. It passes the first three tests (since that’s all that’s coded) once I hook in my MongoDB credentials, not that that is a lot of help. There are lots of things that can go wrong between your machine and and and

I guess I would try using private mode in the browser to see if there’s some session data problem or start restarting the browser, then the computer, and then the network if applicable. You could also try starting a new empty repl just to verify it works.

I notice that also. At least for node projects. But for others it works fine. But it could be just some server glitch on their part.

However, I hope FCC will have MOU or collaboration in some kind with REPLit so that it would not be a persistent problem.