Time to update code in Replit

Hi there.

I´ve started Quality Assurance and for the exercises I am using the Replit starter project to complete the exercises.

My question is, how long it takes to update a code when I modify it? I keep pressing “stop”, “run” and “refresh” and it does not pass the test till later on, at some point… Am I doing something wrong?

When I use my own code editor I just use Nodemon and is pretty fast, but with Replit I’m not sure if it’s me who is doing something wrong or is just slow…


repl.it is usually pretty fast on restarts. This is especially true for interpreted code. (Python/Nodejs)

However, like with most “container based” online editors, it could get stuck/crashed and not really tell you about it. Refreshing the page can help.

I personally haven’t gotten to that part of the curriculum, but have used repl.it for other use-cases in the past. I’ve found it can get slow if it is trying to do heavier work, like compiling your code (like with TypeScript, or Java) as the machine your code runs on is very weak when on the free version. (I haven’t been able to try out the paid for versions either)

Finally, its possible your code is actually getting “stuck” for one reason or another, such as taking a while to get a connection back to an external service (like a database). I’m not sure if that is gone over with the QA project’s but it is a possibility.

Good luck, keep building keep learning!

I have no idea what was happening.
I don’t think I was running anything heavy. No databases. Just a few Npm packages.
I had to restart the Freecodecamp tab, the replit tab, stop and restart Replit, refresh Replit browser… Again and again, and at the end, it would work (or not :joy:) with no changes in the code.

Exasperating :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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