Report navbar misbehaving here please

I am seeing some weird behaviour with fCC forum page this night.

Although, I am using the app on my slowest device, yet, it’s not the first time. The app is slow and the Header component is jumping around the view height.

this is a really recent issue:

I imagine from mobile it’s even more disconcerting


Every time I scroll in someone’s topic…the navbar also comes along…

Hey @urfrenznimubro!

This issue has been brought up on github and they are working on resolving the issue.


Hello, Fellow Campers,
Today I logged in to the Forum.

Then i saw the message and messed around.
I noticed the header looks different. I have posted the image of it

If there is any problem with the image please let me know.

I am using Firefox’s latest version with Win7 64bit.
I refreshed the firefox many times

If there any other topic with the same problem then i am sorry. i have missed it
any answer is helpful

Thanks and Happy Coding :grin:

Hi @codely!

The staff is aware and they are working on it.


I clicked this button Capture than a little seconds later I didn’t see anything but it changed to this

It is happening in my browser and in my freecodecamp forum Chrome app.
Can you tell me what is happening?

Hey @AndrewAung11!
It even happened to me too.

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it’s a global issue, happens to everyone


The problem is resolved.