This Technical Documentation Will Blow Your Mind 🤣

Hi There! I finished my Technical Documentation Project just now…
And I would like you to judge it.
Leave a like if it is Worthy hehehe

I would like to recommend Mobile Device View port hehe

Click Here.

i don’t know if it’s code pen or your page, but I can’t scroll down. when the yellow part start getting visible, I am transported back to the top
Safari mobile browser

Are you referring to the Navigation Bar? if yes Have you tried other browser? because it is working fine with me I am using Chrome. I think the cause is the browser here. Btw thanks for the feedback I’ll fix it to make it compatible with other browser. Thank You.

the nav bar is in a drop-down menu to the right: (maybe a bit out of page)

I can arrive as the screen below, if I scroll down i am teleported back at the beginning

I found the problem haha it was the logo. It seems that height: auto does not work on other browser properly. so I gave it a pixel value. I use it with 2 browser in my phone the other one works fine which is Google Chrome while the other browser give the same output like you got. Thank you again for the feedback.

You may check it again now. haha

Clicking on the hamburger menu in smaller screen sizes opens a blank page with ‘0’.

I was editing the page just awhile ago maybe I happen to save it while editing and you happen to open it. Can you try to open it again?

I checked it again with all sizes it works fine.

On my phone it works just fine, but on my laptop (firefox) it’s still loading the blank page. I’ll post a screenshot so you can see what I’m talking about:

I tried it on Chrome on my laptop and it works fine, so it must be something with Firefox.

Maybe it has something to do with codeped and it’s compatibility with the version of firefox you are using with.

Thanks for the feedback hehe I’ll research about it.

  • keep the script when forking the pen (<script src=""></script>).
    Your page passes 15/16 user stories.