Reporting a bug(i think)

I can’t submit the solution link for these challenges. It’s clearly a bug. once I paste the link system doesn’t read it as Url and therefore pressing ‘submit’ doesn’t do anything.
it’s in “Quality Assurance” section

Hi there. I’m afraid we’re going to need a little more information in order to work out what the problem might be. Could you post a link to the challenge which you’re stuck on please?
If you could share the url which you’re having trouble submitting, or a screenshot of what you’re trying to do, that would help also.

it doesn’t let me pass on any of those challenges in the "Quality Assurance Certification " section.

here is the link for the challenge:

And here is the Url I’m trying to submit:

add https:// in front of your url

When I try to visit that url I get an error message:

The Repl owner must verify their account to wake this Repl.

You may need to click an email link somewhere to do this.
Then you shouldn’t have any more problems.

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