Request for feedback on my fcc responsive web design project "Survey"


I would very much appreciate any comments and suggestions on how to improve upon my go at the survey project from fcc. especially the styling with css gives me a hard time.

you can find it here:

thanky you very much


Like the simplicity of it. Few suggestions.

  • I am not able to proceed to the last question even if I filled out previous questions.
  • Make your title bigger.
  • Make it responsive. You can stretch entire forms.

Cheers :clap:

thank you very much for the hints, i tried to make it more responsive and added a couple of things.
what happens when you click save on question 14? just nothing or do you get an error?
i cannot reproduce any misbehaviour in ff, chrome or ie.



No worries, this is what I get. The input box is disabled. I am using Windows 10, the latest Chrome.

@jstueger, I see the same thing as @shimphillip. I’m unable to put anything into that last question so cannot continue.
I’m on a Mac running Sierra with latest Chrome.

thank you @shimphillip @Roma, something does not work in chrome with my way of using element.checkValidity(). i am investigating.

for now i have removed the required and disabled flags on the number field, so you should be able to get to the actual survey.

kind regards


I tried too it is disabled somehow.

so indeed element.checkValidity does not work the same across browsers. i have adapted and now it works for chrome as well. if you could have another look and comment/suggest i would appreciate that