Request to access the configuration file on the web server

Hi there!

I’m just new in web development and I don’t know if this type of question is appropriate.

I want to add some code on my website’s configuration /etc/apache2/sites-available/sitename.conf using ftp application to fix the permalink issue on my wordpress site. Unfortunately, when i tried to save the changes made on the file, It gives me an error of permission denied which I am aware that the server administrator gave me access right set to read-only. My Question is, Do i have the right to request for a full access on the configuration file? Does it cost some security issue on the part of the hosting provider?

Thanks in advance!

Hello and welcome to the forum :partying_face:!

The right? No, but you can certainly ask.

It depends on the change. The admin will tell you anyway.

Ask the admin to make the change, but if they reject it and it’s a requirement for your needs, then you should move to a cloud provider. Google cloud, amazon web services and microsoft azure provide a year of free usage of the cheapest machines. After the year, you pay as you go, which can be cheap but can, also, go outside your budget. For a more constant cloud VPS, use digital ocean.