Requesting a feedback for my tribute page. Also need help for a small problem

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Requesting some feedback.

There is a small problem in my timeline. The size of year varies a little. (not much, but the difference is more evident between year 2008 and 2011.) I tried various solutions but none of them are working. Any advice on how to fix it ?. Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

Hi! Your tribute page is well structured and responsive. Weel done! The problem in the timeline is due to the Lora serif font: if you want to have all years with the same width, you must use a monospace font (something like Roboto mono or Droid sans mono). If you want to use stricrtly the Lora font, you could (but in my opinion you should not) enclose each singlo number within a <span> and then set the width and the alignment of each span. to obtain a fake monospaced font.

Okay. I ll try that. Thanks.:slight_smile: