Resource for DOM

Hi everybody,
I ask if there are resource to learn DOM, becuase i want to understand better about web development.
Sorry, as always ,for my bad English. :robot:

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MDN has tons of resources.

I saw that page, but I wanted something that would explain to me clearly the DOM document to understand how to integrate it with the web page

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But isn’t the DOM already integrated in the web page? The DOM is basically just the hierarchy of a web page’s elements (represented as a tree data structure).

The Eloquent JavaScript book has a chapter about the DOM. It might be what you’re looking for.

Thanks for your explain. I will do it, in fact I didn’t explain well before.I still have a lot of doubts and errors on some programming concepts, which is why I am asking for it,so I can understand them even better.

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start with this:

then do this:

and then do this:

These are great resources for someone who wants to learn DOM. Good luck!