Learn to manipulate DOM

I just realized FCC doesn’t have this lesson about DOM in the curriculum so I would like to ask if you could suggest where is the best I could go to learn it? As I’ve read somewhere I also need to learn it even before learning JS and I don’t know where to go.


Hello there.

DOM manipulation is a large part of web development, and, whilst you may not find that exact phrase in the fCC curriculum, you end up performing a whole lot of DOM manipulation throughout the course. For example, almost every aspect of the jQuery course involves manipulating the DOM.

Does fCC teach you everything about the subject? NO. That has never been the intention, though. We revel in others learning by searching for more information themselves.

So, one such resource is w3schools.

Whilst this may have been true over a decade ago, JavaScript has come a long way from being just a web language. With the release of Nodejs, JavaScript began its journey into mainstream programming languages. What I mean is: You do not need to learn about the DOM before learning JavaScript as much as you do not need to learn about the DOM before learning Python.

Hope this helps


It’s good to know DOM manipulation even though nowadays devs don’t do that often(I mean not themselves, they leave that to libraries/frameworks and focus on business logic mostly) since mostly people work a lot in React / Angular / Vue. However for smaller projects or maybe interviews it s good to know. A good place would be Mozilla Developer Network, they should cover everything about DOM manipulation.

Here are a few links you can check out.

Thanks guys. I appreciate your answers