Resources to learn Node.js with Typescript


Can anyone point me to some resources for learning how to use Nodejs ( along with express, mongoose, passport, etc) with Typescript and using Object Oriented Programming in Node.js?

I am familiar with the basics of typescript, node.js and also know Object Oriented Programming concepts( used in C++, Java). I just need some resources that teach how to structure the nodejs project, the kind of architecture to use for creating the backend.

I’m no expert here, but I would say to not worry too much about learning express “with TypeScript” - just learn express. If you understand TypeScript it will be simple to adapt it. There may be a few standard formulas in certain situations, but they’ll be easy to pick up. Learning those libraries is going to be the hard part.

As to OOP in node … I always cringe when I hear people talk about OOP in JS. JS is not an OOP language, but an OOP-ish language. Yes, there are some OOP-ish patterns you can use, but it will never be full OOP, like something like Java. I’m sure you can find discussions and debates online discussing to what extent JS is OOP and find some tutorials exploring these ideas.

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