Can i learn Javascript and TypeScript together?


I am planing to learn javascript and then eventually start work on Angular4 with bootstrap and node.js as database tool …

Currently i am focused on freecodecamp front end developer certification and have completed 267 steps and feeling more confident …

However i was just wondering if i could start learning any other topic like (TypeScript,Node.js,Angular4) as well or will learning javascript with say Typescript will be very confusing ?

Also will i be able to learn Node or Angular only after completing Javascript and Typescript …

Kindly guide …


Typescript is basically ES6 plus static typing so if you already know ES6 then typescript will be easy to use.

You don’t need to know typescript to learn node. To work with angular 2/4 you need to know typescript.

@prohorova - thanks, so the javascript lessons i learned here , are they ES6 ?

angular has great official docs and tutorials - there is no better place to start

have a look at them no matter your skill level in javascript - the tutorial does not have any backend code except for setup needed for the frontend app to be served via node - this only requires a few straightforward npm commands

it’s best to know intermediate to advanced javascript to follow the tutorial without constantly looking up basic javascript concepts - angular has a whole bunch of new ideas and features - it has rather strong jargon - even with solid javascript you will need to spend time understanding the angular take on frontend app development

you can pick up typescript along the way for the tutorial - the stronger your js the easier it is to recognize and learn typescript enhancements - there is no need to learn typescript before learning angular

learning node is completely separate subject - essentially it’s all javascript - it’s entirely your choice whether to learn frontend js before backend js or vice versa or even in parallel - I recommend grounding yourself in frontend js first - then start backend js while improving your frontend skills in parallel

here’s a basic explanation of typescript and how it differs from javascript in case you want to start with ts on its own


No. I think freecodecamp beta has a separate section on ES6.

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