Responsive Web Design: Claim Certification

I just noticed that the Responsive Web Design certification is not displayed under my Portfolio. I completed and submitted all challenges. I just checked and when I select “Claim Certification” I am getting this error message:
“It looks like you have not completed the necessary steps. Please complete the required projects to claim the Responsive Web Design Certification”
Did I do something wrong?

you need to see if all the project fields are filled with urls, and that you have accepted the academic honesty pledge

I did for all but it was a long time ago. I can’t find the URL, but to be honest I remember seeing the certification. Also, I accepted the honesty pledge. Is there a way for me to redo everything? Is so weird all this.

When I select each project the “I’ve completed this challenge” button is grayed out which means that I submitted all.

in the settings find this part:

you need to have a solution for each project
also if you already have the cert instead of “Claim” you will se a “Show certificate” button

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I really don’t know what happened. I submitted all challenges again and I was finally able to claim the certification. Thanks!