Responsive web design-How to download certification to my device

I just finished the responsive web design course. I need help on how to save the certification on my pc and phone, is it obtainable? If yes how?

There isn’t a mechanism for downloading directly, but you can just take a screenshot of it and save it in your file fomat of choice.

You cannot download but you can share the unique of your certificate with your employer or anyone whom you want to share. That URL is public(if you have made the settings in profile). Go to and scroll down to whatever certifications you have completed and click on show my certificaitons link.

If you use Opera as your browser ,you can right click the certificate select the option save as PDF.


Do you think it’s okay that it’s not downloadable?
And it’s hard to screenshot it, as the certificate is often larger than the screen.

If you want a offline copy of your certificate, you can use your browser to print it as a PDF.

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How can that be done? Because I’ve tried to and could not

You can either use your system’s keyboard shortcut (such as Ctrl-P) to open the print menu or use your browser’s menu (usually three dots or three lines) and click “Print”.


I had prototyped an option to download the certification as an image, but it never really gained traction.

Ooh, cool
Can you tell me about it?

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