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The whole responsive web design is horrible. I am actually very surprise it actually got rolled out. Compare to the Legacy course, the new one has no instructions, no explanations…etc. It just shows the code and “here is what you need to do, and now do it” and has anyone realized there’s no ‘reset all code’ or the ‘get help’ button??? If I accidentally deleted a line of code, there is no way I could get it back. Even I went back a lesson or two, and the codes still won’t reset. It’s beyond confusing. If you put the Responsive and the Legacy course side by side, you would see the huge difference, and there’s really no comparison. The Legacy course has so much in details that actually make senses.

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Challenge: Responsive Web Design Projects - Build a Tribute Page

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Please be nice to the people that spent hundreds of hours in developing this new course.

We know that a teaching method is not appropriate for everyone, but this has been developed considering the many feedbacks received on the Legacy certification.

They appear after you fail the tests 4 times, to incentivate people to try and read again the instructions instead of giving up at once and ask for help.

@moremilktea Welcome to the forum, :wave: freeCodeCamp is an open source if you find something you can improve, feel free to open issue in GitHub here is the link.
New Issue · freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp (

I agree with @ilenia that your remarks are Inappropriate.

The new one do have instruction and explanations, the thing it’s missing from the old one is hints showing up, which allowed people to write broken code to bypass the tests.

As @ilenia said if you find legacy better go for it, for me legacy was redundant, and it felt like it was preparing me for LinkedIn badge instead of an actual job.

But that was a year ago, I am currently versed enough in HTML and CSS, and I was doing gigs, when the new RWD came out it was similar to how clients asking for their site to be styled, so I am biased toward the new RWD.

If you want it to improve in ways that you think will improve the chance for other people to learn and have a better chance finding a job, I am happy to discuss it in the rightful place, which is GitHub

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